Gas Log Fireplace Services in Cedar Rapids

Looking for the perfect gas log fireplace for your home? Let us help. We proudly serve Linn, Johnson, & Jones Counties!

At Master Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling, we have various styles and sizes of fireplaces to choose from. You won’t have any trouble finding one that’s a perfect fit for your Cedar Rapids, IA home.

With the right gas log fireplace, you can improve the beauty of your favorite room and enjoy an effective heating source.

Our fireplace installation services are competitively priced, ensuring you get a fireplace that fits your budget and interior décor vision. You can count on our fully-trained and licensed technicians for a quick and satisfying fireplace installation with results that last.

Check out our gallery to view our past fireplace installation projects in the area.

Gas Log Fireplaces vs. Wood Fireplaces

Most homeowners in the area that want to install a new fireplace choose gas log fireplaces over wood fireplaces. That's because gas log options offer the beauty and coziness of wood fireplaces without the hassle of lighting, maintaining, or fuelling one.

Aside from being user-friendly, other reasons to choose gas log fireplaces over wood fireplaces include:

  • Controlling the flames and heating of a gas log can be done with a convenient remote or switch.
  • It’s more eco-friendly since you don’t need wood to fuel its flames.
  • You can start a fire without matches or kindling.
  • Less smoke and other pollutants when using a gas log.
  • No need for the cost or hassle of chimney cleaning.
  • No stray embers or carbon monoxide poisoning risk.

We have various gas log fireplace options that deliver all these benefits and more. If you have an existing wood fireplace, our team also has the expertise and specialized tools to upgrade it to a gas log option.

Gas Log Hearth Installation

Getting a gas log installation for any room is as easy as giving us a call. Once you contact us, we’ll send our team to assess your home and find a perfect spot for the installation. Since gas log fireplaces don’t need a chimney connection, installing one is quicker and more cost-effective than installing a wood one.

After choosing a spot, we’ll install the gas lines, secure intakes, burners, aesthetic fittings, and other necessary components. We’ll also add logs to make it look more like a wood fireplace and rocks and sand for even heat distribution.

Join the Green Club to enjoy scheduled maintenance to extend the effective lifespan of your gas fireplace.

Do You Need Gas Log Fireplace Repairs?

Having issues with your gas log fireplace? You can contact us for immediate repair in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas.

Common gas log issues we repair include:

  • Irregular flames or heating
  • Failure to ignite
  • Gas leaks
  • Strange sounds from the fireplace

Call Master Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling at 319-363-7533 for quick and reliable gas log installations, repairs, and maintenance in Cedar Rapids, IA.