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The Best Humidifier Settings in Winter

Is my humidifier on the right setting? This is a question we receive a lot during the winter. Sometimes you can tell when your home is too humid, while other times it's more difficult.

Keep your household protected this winter with the right humidifier settings!

Ideal Indoor Humidity Levels

Keeping the humidity in your home at the ideal level of between 35-50% is an important part of winter home care. In addition, winter humidity levels can have a huge impact on the health of everyone living in your home.

Best Humidifier Settings in Winter

If the humidity in your home is too high it can cause mold and other respiratory issues. A good indication of whether your humidifier is set too high is if your windows have condensation on the inside.

I don't see percentages on my humidifier...

If your humidifier doesn't have percentage settings, you may have an automatic humidifier. This means that you don't have to worry as much about the outdoor temperature; the humidifier will adjust as the outdoor temperatures change.

Many whole-home humidifiers are automatic and have a dial with the numbers 1-7 or 1-10 on it. These settings have more to do with your insulation than the relative humidity inside the house. A good rule of thumb would be to set the dial to 5 or 6, but it is best to consult your manual to discover what the best humidifier settings are for your unit.

If you have questions about your humidifier settings or need whole-home humidifier maintenance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

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