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5 Tips to Avoid a Flooded Basement This Spring

Avoid a Flooded Basement

As this brutal winter finally starts to pass by, all of us look forward to the coming thaw. Of course, the last thing anybody wants is for all that melting snow to come rushing into the basement! Try these 5 tips to avoid a flooded basement to help ensure that those spring showers go to the right place.

1. Test Your Sump Pump Early

The point of a sump pump is to help drain away excess water in your basement, but it can only do that if it works. Once a year, you need to test it out. Call on us to confirm that the power is connected and that the pump is clean and ready for use. Battery backups are important for power outages during spring storms, and we can help you set one up. Our professionals are also happy to talk to you about a new sump pump if yours is more than 10 years old.

2. Brush Snow Off the Roof

A few inches of snow on the roof may not be a big deal. After a big storm, however, you need to move that precipitation away from your home. Heavy snow and ice puts your roof at risk, but can also overwhelm your drainage system once it melts. Take extra care, since the roof may be slippery or icy.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Foundation

Sometimes, the culprit in a basement flood creeps in through the walls. Cracks in the foundation allow water to pass through freely. If you can’t fix those cracks yet, make sure to keep the space around the foundation clear. Shovel snow away from the house. Once your garden starts blooming, trim back bushes that are growing too close.

4. Check on Gutters and Downspouts

Many people forget to clean out the gutters until the snow hits, and then they may be stuck waiting until spring. All the leaves and dirt you didn’t catch in the fall can freeze in the winter and become a nightmare once the warmer temperatures arrive. Make sure your downspouts are pointed away from the home. As early as you can, clear out the gutters so the melting snow and spring rains can pass through easily.

5. Install Window Well Covers

Window wells are a common hazard for yard waste and excess water. All it takes is a little invisible gap around a window to let the snow buildup sneak inside once it melts. This year, you can actively stop it by installing window well covers. They don’t block the light, but they will help keep standing water and pests away from your home!

The best solution to basement flooding is to prevent it from becoming a problem in the first place. These tips can make it easier. If you end up with a plumbing emergency this spring, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re available 24/7 to help you deal with a basement flood or other plumbing disasters.

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