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Towel Warmers - You don't have to be the President's spouse...

Jackie Kennedy once gave a television tour of a home she had remodeled and was proud of an item I had never before seen. She had Towel Warmers in her bathrooms. Really? My thinking at the time was “how well-off must you be, have, or need something like this?”

It was years later before I opened a plumbing and tile showroom. I began traveling to discover all the coolest (but maybe obscure) fixtures and accessories for homeowners, and I began seeing these items more often.

As it happens, towel warmers were becoming more mainstream, due to educating the public on the benefits offered, and the many styles available.
Wet bathing towels quickly tend to smell like your summer cabin on the first day you return for the season. This musty smell is familiar to all of us, but can be eliminated easily. Towel warmers draw out the moisture quickly, meaning you not only get dry towels sooner, but they need less frequent laundering. Additionally, having your towels warmed in winter is a big hit with the female portion of the population.

Elegant and Stylish
Most would agree, conventional towel rods are boring. A straight tube held to the wall at both ends is typical. For the homeowner seeking to add design elements with a little extra pizzaz, a towel warmer can add styling with benefits. Enhancing your ultra-modern decor, or your more traditional home-style, the new towel warmers are available in an abundance of sizes, designs, shapes, and finishes. The heat source is often electricity that warms an oil-filled chamber. Electric models are made for plug-in applications or can be directly wired. Homeowners with hot water heat (a boiler) have the option to connect to their home’s main heat source. Electric models can be programmed to heat at your selected time period or run full time.

Installing a towel warmer can be as easy as taking down existing towel bars and hanging your new heated one. You’ll need a source of heat, such as an electric outlet to plug into. We’ve completed bathroom remodeling projects where a radiator was a big space-eater. Replacing the radiator with a decorative source of heat can be a big plus in this case.

Whether your choice is utilitarian - or for design reasons, towel warmers are the perfect way to pamper yourself. See the products in person at our showroom. They cost less than you may think.  For more information, call Master Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling at (319) - PLUMBER.  To visit the site directly go to: Myson Towel Warmers