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Top 5 Holiday Plumbing Tips

With the holidays almost in full swing, you have a lot on your mind. Are the presents wrapped? Is the food prepared? Who's on the guest list? The last thing on your mind may be your plumbing.

But did you know that the holiday season is one of our busiest times of year? With the addition of guests in your home and the holiday meals you'll prepare, you could be faced with a plumbing emergency. Follow the these 5 holiday plumbing tips to keep your holidays merry and bright!

Create a Shower Schedule

Increased shower traffic can put a lot of strain on your water heater. If you have extra people staying in your home this holiday season, consider creating a shower schedule that allows at least 10 minutes between each shower. You can also slightly increase the temperature on your water heater to compensate for the extra water being used, however it shouldn't go above 125 degrees.

Prepare Your Bathroom

Your shower isn't the only thing in your bathroom that's going to be under additional stress; your toilet is going to be seeing a lot more action as well. The best way to avoid toilet clogs is to only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.

To ensure your guests follow this, make sure you have a trash can near the toilet for waste and think about posting a sign reminding guests..

Respect Your Garbage Disposal

Know what can and can’t go through your garbage disposal. Avoid putting pasta, starchy or stringy foods down the drain to ensure you don’t experience any backup during your holiday celebrations.

Avoid Grease AT ALL COSTS

Of all the food waste that you could put down your drain, grease is the WORST. The leftover grease may seem harmless at first, but the liquid can congeal and expand in your drain, causing clogs and backup.

Invest in a Mesh Drain Covers

Mesh drain covers are an extremely simple, but effective solution for preventing drain clogs. Whether you need to catch food waste in the sink or hair in the shower, a mesh drain cover could be the unlikely MVP of your holiday!

By following these tips you can ensure that we won’t have to crash your holiday celebration. If you do have a plumbing emergency at any time during the holiday season, don’t hesitate to schedule your service or give us a call - we’re always on standby!

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