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Tankless Water Heaters

Advantages of a tankless water heater:

No hot water storage tank.  That means no standby heat loss when hot water is not being used.  Navien is our brand of choice in tankless units.  According to Navien, a savings of $160 per year is average when using their tankless unit vs. keeping a tank full of water heated (and re-heated as it sits) to 125 degrees all year long.

Direct electronic ignition - no pilot light.

Tankless heaters make hot water on demand only.  If the demand is for 5 gallons per minute of heated water, it can produce 5 gallons per minute all day long.  The water heater can produce 7 1/2 gallons or more of hot water per minute, depending on the selected model.  Incoming water temperature dictates the performance.  For example, the water in Arizona comes into the home warmer than the water in Iowa, so more gallons of a 120 degree water could be made per minute in Arizona.

Water runs through a stainless steel heat exchanger that transfers the heat from a gas burner into the water. Navien offers a 96 oz. storage tank along with a circulation pump and circulating water line connection to minimize wait time for heated water, and to offer almost instant hot water.

Tankless water heaters mount on the wall and take up very little space, freeing the floor space that a tank type heater would take. The warranty on the Navien heat exchanger is fifteen years vs. twelve on many others tankless units.  This compares to six years standard warranty on most storage tank water heaters.

All the parts on a tankless water heater are replaceable.  So it will theoretically last forever.  With a tank type, the whole unit gets replaced on average every ten years. Tankless water heaters cost more initially than tank type heaters.

BUT, over time, tankless water heaters actually cost less.  It’s a classic case of ‘Pay me now, or pay me later’.

We’ve installed many tankless units, and we’re certified to work on all brands. I’ve heated water using tankless technology at my own home for thirty years, (way before they became mainstream).  Call us with any questions! 319-774-5291