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Working Garbage Disposals Should Be Thanked!

A Working Garbage Disposal Can Save Homeowner’s Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and give thanks. During this holiday, one of the most popular traditions is cooking a feast filled with many different types of food. This typically means that homeowners are in the kitchen for hours preparing this special meal. An important feature in kitchens that could save the Thanksgiving feast is the garbage disposal! This common feature prevents clogs when properly maintained and working.

How To Prevent Clogged Drainsdrains

One can prevent clogged drains in many ways. One solution, although messy, can be to buy a stopper that collects drained food and waste. This prevents the waste from going into the drainage pipes, but it can also create a mess when there is too much.

Another preventative measure is to use a garbage disposal. Homeowners should look into garbage disposal installation if they don’t have this kitchen feature. This feature allows for food and waste to fall into a piece installed underneath the sink. The waste and food scraps are then ground quickly when the switch is turned on. The grinding works so well that the pieces of food and waste become small enough to be flushed out with water. This prevents clogged drains and allows for a smoother Thanksgiving holiday.

How To Maintain the Garbage Disposal

Everything wears down and breaks over time. This is inevitable, which is why it is important to keep the garbage disposal maintained. A few ways to maintain garbage disposals is to:

  • Use cold water instead of hot water
  • Use it often
  • Only dispose of food
  • Limit grease and fat disposal 
  • Clean with ice

Kitchen plumbing is essential to a working kitchen. This is especially true about garbage disposals. If they are not properly maintained, they can break or wear down. When this happens, it is recommended to call a garbage disposal repair technician. 

However before it gets to that state, it is important to take care of the garbage disposal. Using hot water will only solidify any grease or fat that was disposed of. This can clog the garbage disposal and cause leaking, flooding, and bad odors. That is why cold water is recommended to be used with the garbage disposal on.

How To Tell When a Garbage Disposal Needs Repairsgarbage disposal

Sometimes, even with maintenance, the garbage disposal will need to be repaired or replaced. One should take care of kitchen sink plumbing immediately to decrease the chances of further damage. Typically, if garbage disposals need repairs, it is noticeable. 

Homeowners should look for these signs that it is time to repair or replace their garbage disposal:

  • Rusty metal inside
  • Loud thumping noises
  • The garbage disposal is not grinding
  • The food or water is not draining

To be on the safe side, if any of these occur, homeowners should contact garbage disposal repair or installation technicians to save their Thanksgiving feast!

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