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Whole-Home Humidifiers Can Help Ease the Discomfort of Winter

Can a Humidifier Help During the Winter?

Cold winters are bad enough, but dry skin and respiratory problems come along with the unpleasant temperatures and weather. Few people make it through the winter without succumbing to dry, itchy skin or a cold that sets them back a few days. Most of the problems that come along with the winter can be traced back to things that stifle the body’s immune system. One of the major environmental factors that lower immunity is the humidity in the air, or the lack thereof. 

During the winter, the cold air outside loses its ability to retain moisture. As a result, the dry air sucks the moisture out of anything it can. When sinus membranes dry out and become vulnerable to infection, and skin gets scaly when this happens. Luckily, there are simple ways to lessen the wrath of winter this holiday season. One of them is to install a whole-home humidifier. Here is a quick guide to the benefits of humidifiers compiled by local air quality specialists. 

Benefits for the Lungs and Sinuseswoman

The body expends a lot of energy to keep itself safe from outside invaders. One of the lines of defense that the body has is the mucous membranes in the sinuses and the lungs. During the summer, humidity levels allow the moisture present in these mucous membranes to be easily maintained. But, in the winter, these membranes lose their moisture to the dry, cold air. This removes this protective layer from inside the body. 

When mucous membranes dry out, the result is problems like:

  • Increased allergic reactions
  • Asthma attacks
  • Sinus infections
  • Susceptibility to colds and respiratory infections 

A humidifier can restore humidity to the air in the home and reinforce the body’s natural defenses. For those who regularly suffer from sinus problems in the winter, a humidifier may be the only solution needed. 

men Benefits for the Skin

Dry air pulls moisture from the sinuses, but it also will pull moisture from the skin. When winter comes in, skin loses moisture and can be brittle and dry. This leads to constant itching and discomfort caused by extra sensitivity from having too dry skin. Instead of hydrating orally or applying topical moisturizers like lotion, a humidifier can restore moisture to the in-home environment. The result of using a humidifier in the winter will be bright and healthy skin all year long. 

Stable Humidity Is Better for Indoor Plants

A silent victim of low humidity during the winter months is indoor plants. While keeping indoor plants warm indoors is necessary, the dry, warm air can interfere with their metabolisms and dry them out too quickly. 

Low humidity keeps plants from adequately making energy and growing. It also can dry the soil out around a plant’s roots more quickly than the owner ever thought possible. Installing a whole-home humidifier can improve skin and lung health and ensure that the whole indoor environment is livable for every living thing escaping the harsh winter. 

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