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Water Heaters: Keep the Cold Outside and Not in the Shower

Signs the Water Heater Needs Professional Attention

Sometimes homeowners will put up with specific problems like temperature fluctuations to avoid dealing with water heater repairs. Unfortunately, this can lead to a much bigger problem later when the water heater stops working entirely and the home needs an immediate water heater replacement. To prevent getting stuck without hot water, homeowners should call a qualified plumber for water heater repair if they notice the following warning signs. 

Inconsistent Temperatures May Result From Several Problemsshower

Temperature fluctuations or never having enough hot water can be a problem in older water heaters, and it may have nothing to do with the size of the water heater tank. Perhaps the water goes from barely tepid to extremely hot, or the hot water just doesn’t last as long as it used to.  Maybe the water doesn’t get as hot anymore. There are several different parts on a water heater that can contribute to these inconsistent temperatures, and water heater technicians may need to repair or replace those parts to fix the issue, including the following:

  • Anode rod
  • Heating element
  • Ignitor (if applicable)
  • Fuel line (if applicable)
  • Electrical connections (if applicable)


Leaks Can Damage the Water Heater and the Homeleaks

The hot water may not seem to last as long because there may not be as much water remaining in the hot water tank. Water heater leaks can lead to more than just an inconvenient lack of hot water. It can cause structural damage to the home and invite microbial growth, such as mold and mildew, that can affect the entire household's health. Some causes of water heater leaks include:

  • Pipe Connections: If there is a weakening or breakage in the water heater’s connection to the rest of the home’s plumbing, this can cause leaks. This is usually a simple repair for a professional.
  • Hot Water Tank: If there is a leak problem with the tank, it could be something as simple as a valve needing replacement. But certain tank issues cannot be repaired and may require a water heater replacement, such as a crack in the hot water tank.
  • Corrosion: If the tank has severe corrosion, it can cause the tank to leak. Typically too much corrosion in the water heater tank means it needs to be replaced.


Just How Old is the Hot Water Heater?

Age and normal wear and tear will eventually win the battle against any appliance. Finding parts may be difficult if a water heater is more than ten years old, so if an older water heater has issues, replacing it may be more beneficial. If a water heater is in constant need of attention from local experts, then the water heater likely also needs to be replaced because frequent repairs are not normal. 

When in need of a new water heater, homeowners should consider options like a tankless water heater to conserve energy and save money. Homeowners should also have a qualified plumber perform routine water heater maintenance to keep their water heaters working efficiently and prevent issues that could lead to an early replacement or unnecessary repairs. 

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