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Tips To Achieve the Best Scary Movie Marathon

Halloween Is the Perfect Time to Transform the Home Into a Cozy Movie Theater

Halloween is one of the first chances in the fall for homeowners to open their homes to guests for a creepy get-together. Just imagine a completely decked-out house that screams “horror film.” Showing guests a series of Halloween movies is the perfect way to entertain their company with the least amount of effort. Homeowners just have to make sure their home is welcoming to guests and has food and refreshments for their invitees. When choosing to have an in-home Halloween movie marathon, decorations are optional. The movie choices, on the other hand, should be phenomenal and buzz-worthy.

There are also a few maintenance issues to check before the big night. Continue reading to learn more!

Choosing the Best Movies Will Heighten the Home Theater Experiencemovie

People love Halloween and scary things so much that there is an entire movie genre dedicated to the holiday. When the spooky season rolls around, it is fairly easy to find a different movie for each night in October. Therefore, finding a list of movies for a Halloween movie marathon should be a sinch, right?

Wrong! All those movies to choose from can make the selection that much harder! Here is a list of movies to choose from that suit people of all ages:

  • The Addams Family
  • Casper
  • Ghostbusters
  • Beetlejuice
  • The Conjuring
  • Get Out
  • Halloween
  • Friday the 13th
  • Silence of the Lambs
  • A Nightmare On Elm Street

The movies listed vary in intensity, making it appropriate for different age groups present for the movie marathon.

Get Comfortable with Snacks

The movie experience includes more than what is being viewed on the screen. Just like going to the actual movie theater, watching a movie without snacks is mediocre, especially on Halloween! While serving their guests a meal will make the homeowner an exceptional host, snacks are truly the perfect Halloween movie treat. 

Homeowners could stick with the generic stuff, like popcorn, nachos, and chips and dip, but so much creativity goes into Halloween! The snack should match this level of creativity. 

Here are a few easy-to-make Halloween snack ideas: 

  • Chocolate-dipped mummy pretzel sticks 
  • Ghost-shaped Rice Krispy treats 
  • A veggie tray in the shape of a skeleton
  • Mud buddies with eyeballs
  • Chocolate-dipped cookies with Hershey kisses on top to look like witch’s hats

Decorations might not be the main draw to movie marathon night, but providing fun snacks and a cozy environment are must-haves! Make sure there are plenty of blankets and pillows to hide under during the scary parts. 

For Warmth, the Furnace Needs To Be Workingfixing

Homeowners should remember that their furnace should undergo an annual heater service. Unfortunately, this tends to happen right around Halloween. It is also the time of year when HVAC companies are the busiest. So, homeowners should schedule their maintenance appointment by late September or early October to ensure it is done before the big night! 

By scheduling the heater maintenance, the homeowners are guaranteeing the safety and comfort of their guests. This routine service prevents safety issues like carbon monoxide leaks and fires. In addition to the safety of the household, homeowners will save themselves money in the long run. Heater maintenance improves the equipment’s performance and keeps it running efficiently, leading to fewer repairs needed and a lower energy bill.

When the contractors perform a furnace inspection, they check the belts, air filter, and burner. They also check the heat exchanger for damage and lubricate parts to reduce friction. If the parts have too much friction, they are working more, which will be reflected in the increased electricity bill. Lastly, at the time of inspection, the contractors will test the thermostat and safety controls—a necessary service to keep guests warm during the cold near winter month that is October. 

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