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Professional Methods for Clearing Clogged Drains

Tools for Drain Cleaning 

Since plumbing has become the norm in homes, one of the problems plaguing homeowners is clogged drains. Drains in homes are designed to handle a variety of materials and situations, but over time they can be overcome by debris that clogs the drain and backs water up into sink basins and toilets. 

Plumbers are professionals that handle all aspects of repairs and installations of home plumbing. They excel at clearing clogged drains and preventing clogs. To accomplish this, they have an array of tools at their disposal. This article is a quick guide to professional drain cleaning tools used by local plumbers. 

Drain Snakes and Augers

snakeThe earliest device for clearing drains and sewer lines was a drain snake, and they are still used today. They allow clogs to be effectively cleared with limited access. A plumber feeds a drain snake down a pipe that can mechanically or manually remove clogs. 

Small drain snakes exist for removing clogs from small pipes like sink and tub drains. These devices are manual and can be used to remove clogs like hair from drains. On the other hand, the professionals can also use powerful augers that are like drain snakes with motors. The technician feeds the snake into piping and allows them to break through tough clogs and tree roots from sewer lines. 

Hydrojetting for Cleaning Pipes

One of the questions homeowners often have after dealing with a drain clog is how to prevent future clogs. Plumbers have an answer for that, too, and it’s called a hydro jet. A hydro jet can break up clogs like a drain snake but have the added benefit of preventing future clogs.

Hydrojetting involves using a powerful stream of water on a long pressurized hose. The hose is fed into piping while powerful water jets spray water forwards and sideways from a nozzle. This breaks up clogs and cleans the walls of sewer lines as it goes, leaving them as clean as the day they were installed. 

Hydrojetting is a great resource for preventing clogged drains. Many homeowners have plumbers hydro jet their sewer lines on a scheduled basis to prevent clogs from forming. 

Video Inspection Equipment for Pinpoint Accuracy 

videoA lot of hassles accompany problems with drains and sewer lines. Once a problem is discovered, the biggest annoyance is that repairs can sometimes be incredibly invasive, requiring the removal of slabs, driveways, or landscaping. When buried pipes fail, accuracy is important to ensure that repairs aren’t unnecessarily drawn out. 

Using video inspection equipment, plumbers can pinpoint the exact location of sewer line problems without invasive measures. These devices are cameras that are located on the end of a spool. The camera is inserted into the drain or sewer line, and the technician gets a real-time video of the inside walls of sewer piping. This allows them to determine the exact location of a clog or other issue and what it is made of to create a repair plan. 

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