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New Year - Time for New Plumbing Installations!

Ring in the New Year by Updating the Home’s Plumbing Fixtures

There’s nothing like updating the home’s plumbing fixtures to ring in the new year. Whether the fixtures are old and need updating for years, or it’s simply a time for a change in the house, homeowners can experience the thrill of updating their bathroom or kitchen — or both! The trends in home remodeling change often, and it can be hard to keep up with them. However, it’s possible to find something for everyone when looking in the right place! Here are just a few top trends for the year 2022 in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. 

sinkUpdate the Kitchen Sink

When updating the kitchen sink, it’s important to consider the different types of sinks. From single sinks — those with one large area — or double sinks, it’s vital for homeowners to consider how they prefer to work in the kitchen. It also depends on the size of the kitchen. A large single sink may look strange in a small kitchen, whereas a small sink may not work for those with big households. 

There are also styles of sinks on the market to consider. These include under-mount kitchen sinks, which sit under the countertop. These are best used in industrial-style or post-modern kitchens. The traditional drop-in or self-rimming sinks are common options that many homeowners like. Then there are the types of faucets to choose from. Touch faucets are becoming more and more popular, but single-handle faucets are still a favorite for kitchen sinks of all kinds. 

Bathroom Fixturesbathroom

While there are certain limits for kitchen sinks, there are plenty of options to get the perfect bathroom. From upgrading sinks and faucets to changing cabinets and showers, there are many possibilities for this room of the house.

Floating vanities are a great way to create a sense of space in the bathroom. For the top of the cabinets, vessel sinks are a popular option. They come in varying shapes, but the bowl-shaped vessel sink is most popular. Made out of marble, they add a touch of class to any bathroom. For showers, the frameless glass walk-in shower is a popular choice for a sleek shower experience and pleasing aesthetics. 

Getting Professional Help

While installing a bathroom sink or replacing the kitchen faucet may not seem like such a big deal, it’s important to hire professional plumbers to handle the installation. Homeowners who don’t have experience installing new fixtures can easily turn a relatively quick and inexpensive job into one that lasts longer and costs more. Therefore, it’s best to call the local plumbing company to help with bathroom remodeling, sink installation, shower installation, or fixture upgrades.

When a professional is involved, homeowners can rest easy knowing that the job is being done right and that the plumber is licensed and insured to protect the homeowners.  

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