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Keeping a Home Cooler Has Never Been So Easy!

3 Easy Tips for a Cooler Home This Summer

It seems the number one goal for homeowners in the summer is to keep their houses as cool as possible. As the years progress, homeowners are trying to keep their houses cooler while also maintaining peak efficiency. This year, professionals have amazing tips to share with homeowners on keeping their homes cooler and more efficient. It doesn't take much, but homeowners can keep their homes cooler with just three easy tips while saving money in the process. They might even help to extend the lives of their air conditioning systems as well! Continue reading to learn more. 

Keep the Cool Air in by Closing Doorsdoor close

Sometimes, homeowners will try to leave the air off in the evening and open doors and windows to keep the home cool and efficient. This does the opposite. The house has to work harder to cool down when the AC gets turned back on in the morning, especially when the nights aren't even that cool to begin with. 

The best option to keep the home cooler during the summer is to keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible. Doing so gives the AC a break because it doesn't have to compensate for the hot air flowing through the house. 

When it comes to interior doors, however, the best option is to keep these doors open. The more open the home is, the easier it is for the cool air to flow through the home. In turn, this takes the stress off of the AC and allows it not to be overworked. 

Fan Installation Can Helpfan

Most modern homes have ceiling fans already installed, but they are a great option for keeping the home cooler if homeowners don't have any. When the air conditioner is on, it is also commonly thought that it is counterintuitive and less efficient to have the fans running. However, the opposite is true. When the fans are running, the AC doesn't have to work as hard to circulate the airflow. It also doesn't take as much energy to run a ceiling fan. Therefore, the home gets cooler and is more efficient in the process. 

Homeowners should know which way to put the fan blades according to the weather. Otherwise, the efficiency levels aren't as high. During the summer, the ceiling fans should spin counterclockwise, while the winter is the opposite for maximum efficiency. 

AC Maintenance Will Increase Performance

Above all, the best way to increase the energy efficiency and performance of the air conditioning system is to have the system regularly and professionally maintained. Many homeowners forget or choose to go without maintenance on their AC. Doing so can cause the system to have more surprise breakdowns and a shorter lifespan.

Some benefits of regular AC maintenance include: 

  • Better air quality
  • Less stress on the system
  • Longer life
  • Fewer breakdowns and repair bills
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Increased comfort level

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