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Give Mom a Spa Day at Home This Mother's Day

Three Ways To Turn The Bathroom Into a Home Spa 

Homeowners can transform the bathroom to give Mom what she’s craving this season, a getaway without even having to leave her home. Then the bathroom can become a spa whenever she wants it throughout the year. 

With a few home improvement tips, one can transform their bathroom into a paradise for their special someone this Mother's Day. They can do this by changing out the showerhead, installing a bathtub, and going “zen.” Yet, one doesn’t have to install new fixtures and appliances by themselves. They can turn to a reliable bathroom remodeling service to do that for them. 

Time To Get a New Showerhead shower

Some homeowners will use the same showerhead for years without even considering replacement. But here’s the thing: homeowners should change out their showerheads at least yearly. Over time, mold, dirt, and minerals can build up in the showerhead and mix with the running water. 

When considering replacement, one doesn’t have to buy the “same old, same old.” Instead, they can consider upgrading to a fresher model that offers special features, such as: 

  • LED lights: With an LED showerhead, Mom can enjoy a light show and relax in ways she never thought possible. 
  • Bluetooth speakers: Many showerheads on today’s market can connect with smart devices, such as phones and tablets. With this device, mom can take her singing in the shower to the next level. 
  • Water filtration systems: One doesn’t have to worry about sediment building up in the showerhead with a built-in filtration system. Here, one can rest easy knowing that their mom is getting the best (and most sanitary) shower ever.

There are countless shower upgrades not listed here. Other bathroom design ideas include getting water-conserving showerheads and getting showerheads with timers. That way, Mom knows how much water she’s using. Rain showerheads are also a great option that can help create a spa feel. 


Install a Bathtub for Maximum Relaxation Time

Bathtubs are more than just relaxing. Sitting in a bathtub for even 20 minutes offers a wealth of health benefits that mom will surely enjoy. According to Cleveland Clinic, some of these health benefits include: 

  • Mental health boosts 
  • Joint and muscle relief 
  • Fast open-wound healing 
  • Clearer skin 

If someone is considering bathtub installation, they should consider reaching out to a professional in their area. They should also consider the benefits of bathroom sink upgrades, which can add a special touch. 

Go “Zen” 

These few details can transform an ordinary bathroom into a zen getaway: 

  • Put pebbles in the bathroom sink: Every time Mom uses the sink, she’ll feel like she’s using an outdoor fountain and not an ordinary sink. This idea can also help prevent clogs, but make sure the stones are large enough that they won’t go into the drain. 
  • Hang herbs in the shower: When rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender meet steam, they give a powerful aroma. These scents can clear respiratory problems and heighten one’s mood. 
  • Light some candles: Dim lighting has been shown to improve one’s mood. By lighting candles around the sink, bathtub, and windowsill, one can take their mom to a place of relaxation beyond her wildest dreams. 

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