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Don't Wait! Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Now!

This Fall Is the Best Time To Schedule Water Heater Maintenance 

Spring is the season where cleaning and maintenance are the most popular. But there are other aspects of home maintenance that need to happen at different times of the year. Water heater maintenance is necessary annually but can often get lost in the shuffle of the spring rush to get home maintenance completed. 

Regardless of the time of year, water heater maintenance should not be neglected. However, scheduling water heater maintenance for the fall can ensure that hot water will be available throughout the winter. 

This year, leave water heater maintenance to the professionals. These local plumbers share the benefits of water heater maintenance so homeowners can rest easy knowing they will have hot water through the chilly season. 

Why Water Heater Maintenance Is Necessaryplumber

No one can deny that a hot shower after a day out in the cold is a treat. One of the best ways to warm up in the winter is with a long, hot soak or a reinvigorating shower. But how bad is it when there is no hot water to be had?! Water heater maintenance aims to ensure that hot water is always available, but that’s not all. Fall water heater maintenance can also: 

  • Maintain factory warranties
  • Extend the life of the unit
  • Keep repair costs low
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Ensure fewer problems in the coming years

How Professionals Do Water Heater Maintenance

Professional water heater maintenance is a convenience that will pay for itself over the coming year. When professionals are hired, they will perform a series of steps to increase the reliability of a water heater and extend its lifespan. Some of the steps that a professional will take when performing water heater maintenance are:

  • Drain the tank and flush out sediments that have settled over a year
  • Prevent water damage by testing safety devices and checking for leaks
  • Clean burners and pilot lights and test them for safety and efficiency
  • Clean heating elements in electric water heaters
  • Check the anode rod that protects the tank and surrounding plumbing

The extensive nature of water heater maintenance is why water heater manufacturers require professional maintenance. By following the advice of manufactures, professionals keep operating costs low and warranties intact for as long as possible. 

Signs that a Water Heater Is Failingwater heater

If maintenance has been neglected, then perhaps a homeowner needs water heater repairs. Water heaters can only handle so much, so eventually, a breakdown may be inevitable. Some of the signs that a water heater may need repairs are:
  • Inadequate hot water
  • Inability of the water heater to keep up with demand
  • Cloudy or rust-colored water
  • Failed pilot lights
  • Thumping or hissing sounds
  • Leaks or wet spots around the tank 

Water heater problems can get out of hand if not dealt with quickly. By scheduling water heater repairs quickly, homeowners can keep repair costs low and prevent problems from growing. 

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