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Don't Forget the AC Unit During Spring Cleaning!

Reasons To Keep the AC Unit Clean 

Having a functional heating and cooling system isn’t an “install-it-and-forget-it” deal. Homeowners have to make sure their units are free of debris, obstructions, and dust, but keeping the AC unit spic and span isn’t exactly intuitive. 

Homeowners can keep their AC units running by keeping the air vents free of dust, removing any obstructions from the outdoor unit, and keeping their residences clean. They can also rely on an AC maintenance service to inspect the AC unit and perform any necessary services. 

A Clean AC Is a Good AC clean ac

One’s AC unit does a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes. Not only do they maintain indoor air temperature, but they also filter out hair, pollen, and dust from traveling through the vents. 

A great way to maintain one’s AC unit is to change the air filter regularly. How often one needs to replace the filter depends on many things, including how many pets and people live in the home. However, EnergyStar notes that one should replace their air filter around once every three months. 

One may need to change their air filter even sooner if: 

  • They have multiple dogs and cats in the home. Over time, pet hair and dander can coat the air filter, keeping the AC system from “breathing.” 
  • The AC unit is small. When an AC unit works overtime to maintain the home’s indoor temperature, it’ll run through air filters quicker than larger units. 
  • The AC unit cannot maintain a consistent temperature (or turn on at all). 

Before running out to the nearest store to buy an air filter, a homeowner should first check the filter’s measurements (length, width, and height). Air filters aren’t one-size-fits-all. Air filters, just like AC units, range in size. 


Clean Those Air Ducts! 

Despite popular misconceptions, air ducts and air vents are not the same. Air vents are typically located on the floor or near the ceiling. Air ducts are big silver tubes that transfer heat and air. Air ducts are usually present in the basement, attic, and crawl spaces. Some dryers use air ducts as well. 

Cleaning an air duct is easy because they’re removable and only needs to be cleaned about once every three to five years. Before cleaning, one should remove the air duct from its appliance. 

Then, homeowners can either vacuum out the debris or clean the inside with a hose. Homeowners should never try to clean an air duct that’s still attached to an AC unit or appliance; this could hurt the appliance or system itself. 

Schedule Annual Maintenance Checks 

While an AC unit, its ducts, and its vents might look pristine on the outside, these parts may use some serious deep cleaning upon closer inspection. This is one of the many benefits of scheduling an annual maintenance check with a certified air conditioning service. 

Once a professional arrives, they will: 

  • Check the air vents for any obstructions 
  • Test the air conditioning and thermostat for efficiency 
  • Replace the air filter (if necessary) 
  • Advise homeowners on additional maintenance tips 
  • Check for any frayed wires or leaks around the AC system 
  • Clean air ducts, vents, and more 


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