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Common Causes of Burst Pipes and How to Help Prevent Them

How Homeowners Can Avoid Plumbing Problems That Cause Burst Pipes

A home’s plumbing system is like nature; everything must work harmoniously to continue operations. Common plumbing problems can lead to more severe issues with the system, more expensive problems, and water damage. Here in this blog, homeowners can learn some of the most common causes of burst pipes and a few tips to help prevent them. 

Prevent Clogged Pipes 

clogClogs are one common cause of burst pipes, and every clogged pipe happens for a reason, such as food scraps or hair going down the drain, tree roots, and sediment and mineral buildup made worse by hard water. While homeowners can put mesh drain screens in their drains and employ other measures like installing a water softener, they should also watch what goes down their drains and get routine drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is where a plumber inspects the piping system, clears away any residue to prevent clogs, and clears any existing clogs.  

Depending on whether drain cleaning is being used to clear an existing blockage or prevent a future one, it may involve: 

  • Hydrojet drain cleaning 
  • Snaking the drain 
  • Using a sewer inspection camera to get a closer look at potential clogs 

Prevent Frozen Pipes 

Winter is just around the corner, and nobody wants to be stuck with a frozen or burst pipe during the holidays. One vital step to prevent pipes from freezing is to install pipe insulation around exposed piping. This is where lines are wrapped in foam, rubber, or another insulator. But why is this important? Water expands when it freezes. So, imagine that a bit of water expands while inside a pipe. This can cause a lot of pressure to build up, eventually cracking the line itself.

In addition to preventing burst pipes and wasted water, insulating a pipe reduces heat loss and gain, preventing hot water from losing heat and cold water from gaining heat. This also reduces energy bills, and household residents won’t have to wait as long for the hot water to get to the plumbing fixtures. 

Prevent Pipe Corrosion 

corrosionCorrosion is a pipe’s worst nightmare. Not only can the rust worsen with time, but it can also literally eat away at the line itself, causing burst pipes. Here are three things homeowners should know about pipes and corrosion: 

  • Store-bought chemical drain cleaners are not as helpful as some might think. It can worsen the rust and corrosion of a pipe. These products rely on harsh chemicals that can weaken a plumbing system with prolonged use. 
  • Routine plumbing maintenance goes a long way in preventing corrosion. If a plumber can catch rust buildup early on, they can help prevent it from spreading. 
  • Addressing rust or corrosion should be best left to the professionals. Any DIY attempts at removing rust could weaken the pipe even more, making it likely to burst or leak. 

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