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Natural drain cleaners

Why use a natural drain cleaner?
If you’ve ever used crystal draino or another caustic drain-unclogging product, you probably know how dangerous, toxic, and unfriendly these products are to our environment.
None of us intentionally wants to harm our planet, and we all want to enjoy a healthy environment in our homes. Fortunately there are much better alternatives to caustic chemicals. It’s much better to maintain clean piping and to minimize germs with a few easy steps, rather than facing a fully clogged unhealthy drain. There are good reasons to choose a natural cleaner for this process:
Store-bought cleaning products often contain hazardous chemicals.
These chemicals ultimately affect our groundwater, our piping, and our environment.
They can also be dangerous for the members of your family. Harsh cleaners can cause skin burns, and are especially harmful if the fumes are inhaled.
They can eat through the walls of older piping, and damage the finish of chrome or other surfaces as well.

You could make your own drain cleaner with products available from your local grocery store, but...
The best solution is a proprietary product sold only through select authorized plumbing dealers. It’s so environmentally friendly that you could drink it, but it tastes terrible, so that’s not recommended. Call us to provide the 'magic enzyme' and we'll fully explain how to use it and how it works.

Bio Clean

Natural drain cleaner recipes can be found through a simple internet search. One recipe consists of equal parts water and white vinegar. You can clean your drains by using a half cup each of vinegar and baking soda, letting it sit in the drain for 15 minutes, then flushing with boiling water. Homemade recipes are better than nothing at all, but the best proprietary product that we’ve found in our 30 years in business is pictured above.  Bio-Clean (available through Master Plumbing, Heating & Cooling) is a dry enzyme powder that becomes active when paired with water. Then it becomes a living organism inside the drainage system. It will eat anything organic, even hair, until there is no food source left. At that point it will flush down the drain. It’s also great for septic systems and holding tanks. This is a drain maintenance product, which will effectively clean slow drains as well. It’s not to be used on fully clogged drains. Fully clogged drains are best cleaned by scraping the walls of the piping with a drain machine, a service offered by many plumbing service companies.
When you use a natural drain cleaner each month, you won’t be so worried when your toddler climbs up to stick her toothbrush into the sink drain. Instead, you’ll rest assured that your home is clean and healthy in all its dark crevices. When your home needs the attention of plumbing experts, call the folks at Master Plumbing, Heating & Cooling at (319) - PLUMBER or (319) 363-7533.