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Prepare for Fall in Iowa With These Fall Plumbing Tips

You know the Iowa weather. As soon as you really start to enjoy the fall, another brutal winter shows up on your front step. This year, get ahead of the late fall and winter plumbing concerns with the following fall plumbing tips. When you do these simple tasks, you will enjoy better output from your plumbing without the worry.

Drain and Store Hoses

Hoses are great for keeping your fall foliage thriving, but you need to take them out of action before it gets too cold. Leaving hoses out once the temperature starts dropping can cause water to freeze inside the hose or worse, in the faucet. The last thing you need is complicated emergency plumbing repairs to your home exterior because the faucet froze and burst.

Save yourself the hassle and empty your hoses before the first freeze. Roll them up and store them inside so they’ll be in great shape for next year.

Check and Insulate Exposed Pipes

Pipes are supposed to stay hidden, but sometimes they don’t. If your plumbing runs through an unheated part of your home, like the attic, basement or crawlspace, you might need to insulate them. Pipes that hold standing water but aren’t kept to a warmer temperature can freeze or burst. Pipe insulation is a fairly quick task that may save you on major repairs. Ask one of our expert plumbers to help you identify which pipes could be a problem this year.

Clear Roof and Gutters

You might love how the leaves fall in the autumn, but your roof doesn’t. Each year before the first snowstorm, make sure to clear leaves and debris off your roof and out of your gutters. Confirm that the downspouts are pointed away from the home.

This isn’t an easy task for everyone, so you might want to hire a professional to take care of it. If you forget, you run the risk of ice accumulating in your gutters. Left too long, it could contribute to ice dams that damage your roof. One weekend spent cleaning out the gutters once the leaves have fallen allows the water to pass freely as it melts.

Inspect Water Heater

The average water heater gets a lot of use and lasts about 10 years. If you want maximum output, fall is the best time to schedule professional maintenance. Water heaters with tanks need to be drained and flushed once a year. This helps prevent sediment buildup that cuts down on the amount of water in the tank. When you sign up for regular service, we can also tell you if it’s time to replace parts that often wear out or break, like the dip tube or anode rod. A simple fix can dramatically improve your water heater’s function and lifespan.

Getting your plumbing ready with these fall plumbing tips can make your winter so much more comfortable. To schedule service or find out more about how we can make your home a better place, contact Master Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today.

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