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What to Do About Hail Damage to Your Air Conditioning Unit

hail damage to your air conditioning unit

Severe weather can mean damaging hail to the outside of your home, including your air conditioning unit. Depending on where it is damaged-  and the severity of the damage - you may need to replace your unit. If the fins that cover the coils of your unit are damaged, it can affect the unit's efficiency by causing it to overrun and burn out quickly.

If hail manages to get between the protective fins and damage the coils, it is more likely that you will need a new unit. Once the coils are damaged the air conditioner will no longer work properly. However, in some instances, such as with commercial air conditioning units, replacing the coils is a better solution than replacing the entire unit.

On the other hand, if the damage is restricted to the fins that cover the coils, they can be repaired fairly easily with a special tool that combs the fins back into place. This tool works the same as a comb for your hair, straightening the fins so they do not interfere with the coils or prohibit them from functioning properly. This procedure can be done by an HVAC technician for a relatively low cost!

If hail has damaged your AC unit, contact us for quick and efficient service!

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