3 Ways Ice and Snow Could Damage Your HVAC System

By Master Plumbing, Heating & Cooling on Jan 18, 2018

This winter, it looks like “Let It Snow” got picked up as the season’s operating motto. Don’t let snow and ice turn your cozy home into a frozen nightmare. Follow these tips to help you stay nice and warm.


1. Proper Protection for Exterior HVAC Units

You might be surprised to learn that your exterior HVAC units, such as an air conditioner, do not need much protection during the winter months. Unless you’re…

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Clogged Bathroom Sink? Here are 4 Steps to Get the Water Flowing

By Master Plumbing, Heating & Cooling on Nov 20, 2017

Clogged Bathroom Sink

A clogged bathroom sink is such a drag, but you don’t have to be stuck with it forever. Turn off the water supply for the sink and put on your gloves, before you try these DIY clog-busting tips.

1. Clean the Stopper

Starting with the sink stopper may save you a lot of hassle and time. Unscrew the stopper or pull it out, depending on the type you have. Clean…

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The Ultimate Pre-Vacation Plumbing Checklist

By Master Plumbing, Heating & Cooling on Jun 13, 2017

pre-vacation plumbing checklist

Before you leave for vacation, there are a few minor plumbing adjustments you should make that can save on energy, reduce your bills, and protect your home from potential disaster! Check out our pre-vacation plumbing checklist below!

Turn off the main water supply

By turning your water completely off you can avoid almost any plumbing-related disaster. It’s also a great time to find your main water valve if you don’t know…

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Plumbing Tips for New Home Buyers

By Dave Judd on May 25, 2017

plumbing tips for new home buyers

When you move into a new home there are a few plumbing tips that can ensure you don’t have end up with a plumbing emergency on your hands. The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune fixing an issue that could have been prevented. That is why we compiled this list of plumbing tips for new home buyers.

Know Where Your Main Water Shut Off Valve is Located

In the…

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Spring Cleaning Plumbing Tips

By Dave Judd on Feb 28, 2017


Regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil predicted, it appears that spring is rearing its head early this year. For many that means getting an early start on spring cleaning, both in and outside of the house. While you’re cleaning out the closet and de-winterizing your home, don’t forget to give your plumbing a little tender loving care. 

The following are easy spring cleaning plumbing tips to ensure that you’re getting the most out…

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Check Your Furnace

By Dave Judd on Oct 07, 2016

Did you know that your annual furnace check requires over 20 steps? Two of the most important steps are to maintain your furnace filter and check for carbon monoxide leaks.

Your furnace filter collects dirt and other particles from the air. Once the filter is full, dirt will begin to collect inside your furnace, which causes it to not work properly. To avoid this, change your filter every month or so.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, and can be deadly. If…

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Poor Water Pressure

By Dave Judd on Sep 26, 2016

This is a common complaint in our business.  My first question to a client who states they have poor water pressure is:   “Are you finding this everywhere – or just at one fixture, like at a sink only?”  If it’s only at a sink, is it on BOTH the hot and cold?  A lone sink faucet that has no pressure on both sides could have a clogged aerator.  Simple fix!  Remove it and see if pressure is restored.  Aerators…

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Towel Warmers – You don’t have to be the President’s spouse…

By Dave Judd on Apr 21, 2016

Jackie Kennedy once gave a television tour of a home she had remodeled, and was proud of an item I had never before seen. She had Towel Warmers in her bathrooms. Really? My thinking at the time was “how well-off must you be, to have or to need something like this?”
It was years later before I opened a plumbing and tile showroom. I began traveling to discover all the coolest (but maybe obscure) fixtures and accessories for homeowners, and…

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Do I need to buy a home warranty?

By Dave Judd on Jan 12, 2016

A recent survey stated that 2/3 of home buyers report the failure of two major items in their home within the first year of ownership.  This fact creates a slam dunk for companies offering home buyers a homeowner protection policy.  Typically purchased by the seller, home warranties offer the buyer ‘peace of mind’ protection for the failure of appliances and household systems.
The policies are relatively inexpensive, but there’s a catch. …

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