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Why Wi-Fi? ADVANTAGES of a wi-fi thermostat vs. a programmable 'stat

Your schedule changes every day. Why shouldn’t your thermostat be just as flexible to accommodate that? If you’re coming home from work earlier than expected, the ability to change your thermostat settings from across town is just a simple touch on your phone.  If you’re feeling hot or cold but don’t want to leave the couch, again it’s a simple touch command on your phone. Of course you can still manually change it as well. There are many choices when selecting a wi-fi thermostat, so please ask us what’s right for you. The cost continues to come down on wi-fi thermostats.

With an existing router in your home, you’ve got all you need for the technician to begin. Then you need a wi-fi enabled thermostat and a qualified technician to install it. Installation typically takes less than an hour. Reading this blog means you likely have a router for your computer, TV, internet and phones.

So, why would you ever need a wi-fi thermostat, if you already have a programmable one?

  • Peace of mind. You can check the status of your home from anywhere.
  • Control. You can change things anytime from anywhere. You can turn on/off equipment to check it, then turn it back down again.
  • You’re not locked into pre-programmed settings like other thermostats
  • It's secure.  The setup procedure ascertains that no one but the intended user can access the thermostat.

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Programmable thermostats are fantastic for energy savings. BUT, they’re limited to pre-set programs (instructions) that you’ve given them to control your environment.  What if you want to go out of town for the weekend?  With wi-fi you can not only change the temperature setting from your phone as you are on the road, but you can monitor it at any time as well. This is the feature that users like the best. Whenever you’re away from home, you can look at your phone and see exactly what the temperature is in home at that moment. Peace of mind is as important to most users as is the convenience of actually having the ability to change things on the fly.

Have you been gone for a half day or a week? Has the weather changed significantly since you left home? If you set the temperature for energy savings while you were gone, you can ‘call up your house’, enter a new setting, and have the perfect temperature achieved by the time you get home, using a wi-fi thermostat.

Users who have a need or a love of being gone from home, a summer or winter cabin, a second home, a houseboat, or any dwelling that has a temperature controlled environment, love the fact that you can monitor from afar. Peace of mind is a big plus.

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