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5 Ways to Test Your Sump Pump This Spring

Ready for a wet spring? To protect your home, your sump pump should be prepared for action. Now is the perfect time to confirm that your sump pump is in great condition. Here’s what you can do to test your sump pump this spring.

1. Inspect the Pump and Drain

It’s all too easy for your sump pump to get dirty or clogged. This is even more true for the pipe that drains the water away from your home. The area around the sump pump is not likely to be sparkling clean, but it should not be full of mud. Take a look at it for obvious signs of damage, like cracked pipes.

2. Test the Plug

You should be using a ground fault circuit interrupter to plug in your sump pump. This is a circuit breaker that will shut off quickly when necessary to prevent a short. The pump is designed to turn on and off automatically. If you want to test the electrical connection, disconnect both plugs and plug it back in. If it turns on immediately, you can move on to the next test. If it doesn’t, you should call for service.

3. Pour in a Bucket of Water

Since the sump pump should turn on as soon as it encounters water, pouring in water is a great way to test its operation. Plan to put in about five gallons relatively quickly. This should be enough to trigger the pump to start draining. Watch it turn on, drain the water and turn off. This function isn’t a guarantee that your sump pump will always work during any flooding, but it’s a good baseline to see what happens.

4. Raise the Float

The float is a device connected to the sump pump that triggers the drain. It works a little like your toilet. The float is lightweight and designed to sit on top of the water. Once the water rises to a certain point, it starts the sump pump. If you can’t pour in water, or if your water test did not make the sump pump function, you can also try lifting the float to see what happens. Raising it to a certain point should start the sump pump.

5. Schedule Sump Pump Maintenance

A good sump pump is worth its weight in gold during the worst rainstorms you can expect this year. Although basic testing is simple and quick for homeowners, there’s a point when you really do need a professional. Scheduling maintenance for your sump pump helps to ensure that it works well. Our experts use a meter to accurately test the sump pump function. We can also help you determine when the time is right to replace an older one.

If it’s raining outside, you’d like to keep it outside. A sump pump can help you with that. With a few routine tests and assistance from Master Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, you will enjoy greater peace of mind this spring.