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3 Ways Ice and Snow Could Damage Your HVAC System

Ice and Snow Damage Your HVAC System

This winter, it looks like “Let It Snow” got picked up as the season’s operating motto. Don’t let snow and ice turn your cozy home into a frozen nightmare. Follow these tips  for protecting your HVAC system to help you stay nice and warm.


1. Proper Protection for Exterior HVAC Units

You might be surprised to learn that your exterior HVAC units, such as an air conditioner, do not need much protection during the winter months. Unless you're using a heat pump for heating, you can simply brushing off the snow every now and then. Avoid putting a cover on your air conditioner unless it is specially designed for it, as air conditioning units need adequate ventilation, even in winter.

2. Ventilation

Your fuel-burning furnace has an exhaust pipe that may go up to your roof, or outside near the foundation. During a heavy snowstorm, you do not want the exhaust vent to become blocked with snow or ice. That could lead to a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide in your home. Locate your exhaust vents and keep them clear. If they become frozen, defrost the ice with a hot, wet washcloth and call a Master Plumbing HVAC technician for assistance.

3. Power Outages

Really heavy snowstorms have the potential to knock out power for hours or even days, which could stop your heating entirely until the power is back on. A freezing home can create a lot of damage through frozen pipes. Consider buying a generator that affords you a little extra power to keep things from freezing in your home. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, be prepared to use it when you need it.

Snow and ice are no match for you as a homeowner when you follow this advice and have an experienced HVAC expert to back you up. To keep your HVAC system running great all winter long, contact Master Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today!

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