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4 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

In Need of New Air Conditioner
Many homeowners wait until their air conditioner breaks before investing in a new one. However, there are many benefits to investing in a new air conditioner before your old one breaks. The question still remains: how do you know when it's time to invest in a new AC unit?

Here are 4 signs you need a new air conditioner:

High Energy Bills

When you begin to see a spike in your energy bills, it may be a sign that you need to replace your air conditioner. As air conditioners age, they have to work harder to do the same job. The less efficient your air conditioner is, the higher your energy bill will be.

Newer air conditioners are designed to be more energy efficient than their older counterparts. When you invest in a new air conditioner you should see an immediate improvement on your energy bill!

Too Many Repairs

Though you should always schedule an air conditioning inspection in the spring, needing frequent repairs is an indication of an air conditioner near the end of its life. If you find that you're seeing your HVAC technician way too often this summer, request an appointment to get your air conditioner replaced!

Inconsistent Temps

An old or dying air conditioner will not be able to sustain a consistent temperature throughout your home. This can result in hot or cold spikes rather than a steady, comfortable temperature in every room of your home.

10+ Year Old AC

If your air conditioner is getting on in years, it is definitely a sign that you need a new air conditioner. Air conditioners begin to break down and lose efficiency after 10 years of use. Investing in a new air conditioner will save you money on your energy bills and future repairs.

If you suspect your air conditioner is in need of replacement, schedule an appointment with us. An HVAC expert will come out to inspect your AC and, if needed, replace your old unit with a new air conditioner.

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